ThisThis. A vampire cure for forever.

Based in Utah Valley, This. has earned high praise for its engaging plot, depth of characterization, useful insights, and more. The protagonist, Kayla Porter, made the Top 3 of 2010: Best Female Characters list, winning Honorable Mention from YA Vampire Books.

For Utah Valley residents, you’ll enjoy all the action spread throughout the valley, up the canyon, and out on the lake, where you’ll appreciate the vivid descriptions of the great outdoors. reviews excerpts:

“It was such a page-turner that I stayed up and read it all in one day (and night). Quick but good. Although it’s a YA novel, you almost don’t miss that it doesn’t get “steamy”. The characters were easy to love and the story was easy to follow.” – Cieratownsmc

“This book targets such a wide audience, sure to please everyone. Like a little romance and flash backs to high school crushes? You’ll love it! More into action and adventure and unexpected twists and suspense? Well, you’ll love it too! With two small boys at home, I don’t remember when the last time was that I finished a book. This one I couldn’t put down! I finished it in 2 days! With great character development and wonderful details and descriptions it’s easy to follow, and too easy to get engulfed by. Yes, it’s a vampire book, but just like Kayla says in the beginning, it’s not what you’re thinking. But it’s not just a story either. Full of wisdom and insights, this book isn’t just for teens or an empty read.” – db

“This. is another suspenseful, insightful, and thoroughly enjoyable story by Shaun Roundy. Reading it produced the kind of feel-good and inspiring experience that I’ve come to expect reading his work. I have to say that Chapter 11, “BFF,” was probably the best essay I’ve ever read about being oneself and not giving in to peer pressure or “petty insecurities,” as Roundy puts it. Being confident with the person you are, and not letting others opinions affect the way you act, the things you say, the kind of person you know you should be — Roundy nails it on the head and causes you to look closely at your own behaviors, which I really loved. The vampires in the story are very interesting and quite different than you’d expect, and the story ends with an excellent twist and cliffhanger. A fun and inspiring read, I recommend the book to everyone.” – J. Partridge

Shaun Roundy

Shaun Roundy built to consolidate useful articles from He is an avid outdoorsman, hiker, climber, mountaineer, sailor, biker, Search and Rescue team member, author, intuitive healer, traveler, teacher, and more.

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