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Would you like to share an article with Great, then you should.

We appreciate your outdoor tips, trail recipes, trip reports, trail recommendations, book and gear reviews, edible plants, wilderness medicine tips, packing lists, extraordinary photos, and other such article topics.

Note that Facebook is still the best spot to post photos from each hike, while the .com is appropriate for articles you took a little more time to write and information that will come in useful again and again.

To prevent hundreds of Russian spammers from registering, I’ve removed the option to register from the site, so I’ll create a user account so you can log in and post articles when you send me a note with your:

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  • plus anything to prove that you’re a group member

At first your articles will appear after they’ve been approved by an admin, and once you’ve written an appropriate article or two, your account will change so your posts will appear instantly.

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    Shaun Roundy built to consolidate useful articles from He is an avid outdoorsman, hiker, climber, mountaineer, sailor, biker, Search and Rescue team member, author, intuitive healer, traveler, teacher, and more.

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