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Snake Attack!

I was running along the trail the other day when a large snake suddenly coiled, hissed, and shook its tail at me. I jumped clear as fast as I could, then paused and took...


Black Diamond Mercury 75 Backpack

This is a supremely comfortable pack! The waist configuration is better than you can imagine until you try it yourself! Also, it’s enormous – perfect for a multi-day backpacking trip, yet comfy enough that...


Wasatch Wildflowers

Wasatch Wildflowers A gorgeous book organized by color and flower type to make look-up quick and easy! $20 on


Hunger on Gobbler’s Knob

We set out for a short hike to Majestic Peak one fall afternoon, but when the parking lot was packed, we passed it up and continued to Porter Fork to enjoy greater solitude. At...


75 Search and Rescue Stories

75 Search and Rescue Stories: an insider’s view of survival, death, and volunteer heroes who tip the balance when things fall apart This fully illustrated book details 75+ of the most memorable rescues in...



This. A vampire cure for forever. Based in Utah Valley, This. has earned high praise for its engaging plot, depth of characterization, useful insights, and more. The protagonist, Kayla Porter, made the Top 3...